Kalchas South

Block No. 2869-14
Exploration Licence No. 401/Pak/2008
Area:- 2425.11 Sq.kms
Zone II
Operator: Dewan Petroleum (Pvt.) Limited
  • Comprises of 2425 sq. Kms. with few tail end seismic lines from the adjacent blocks.
  • Surrounded by all the main gas producing structures in Pakistan.

  • Two prominent surface structures, Giandari and Sham.

  • Giandari drilled with hydrocarbon shows encountered in Cretaceous formations, not tested properly.

  • Multiple reservoirs are present as per analogue wells.

  • Sui main pinch out play in the south as in Loti, the field lies in the west.

  • Ranikot and Pab formations producing in Loti & Pirkoh fields, these fields are in the west.

  • Mughal Kot & Parh formations tested gas in Jandran, the discovery is in the north.

  • Lower Goru, Sembar & Chiltan formations tested and producing in Salsabil, Safed Koh block.

  • Over 6 TCF gas potential is expected in the block.

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