Noor South

Block No. 2872-1
Exploration Licence No. 402/Pak/2008
Area:- 2458.95 Sq.kms
Zone II
Operator: Dewan Petroleum (Pvt.) Limited

  • Available processed & field data of 32 seismic lines of different vintages, seismic coverage is approx 1000 line kilometers.

  • Two wells Marot-1 & Fort Abbas-1 drilled in the north and south eastern part of the block respectively.

  • On remapping Marot well was found drilled off structure.

  • Fort Abbas did not enter Bilara & Jodhpur formation the primary target. The southern closure is doubtful on remapping.

  • Depth of Infra Cambrian sediments encountered 1500m deep then the discoveries in India.

  • Possibility of finding good trap exist.

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