Safed Koh

Block No. 3070-10
Area:- 567.27 Sq.kms
Exploration Licence No. 299/Pak/2002
Zone II
Operator: Dewan Petroleum (Pvt.) Limited

  • Acquired by Dewan Petroleum (Pvt.) Limited in 2005.

  • Area lies in Suleiman Fold belt.

  • Comprises of three structures. Rodho (Salsabil), Afiband & Zindapir oriented North to South respectively.

  • The structures have multiple reservoirs ranging from Paleocene to Jurassic in age.
  • Gas discovered at Rodho (Salsabil), being produced and sold to SNGPL since July 2007.
  • Made a significant gas discovery at Afiband in 2009 from Lower Goru and Chiltan formations.
  • Hydrocarbon shows encountered in Triassic formation at Zindapir well drilled by OGDCL.
  • Seismic coverage is inadequate specially at Afiband and Zindapir structure, compartmentalization at Zindapir structure is most likely.

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